Secretlab Armrest Top

Secretlab Armrest Top

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Not all Secretlab Armrests are interchangeable across our different chair models. Please follow the instructions to identify which part is suitable for the chair model you own. Identify your Secretlab chair model to select the correct replacement armrest tops.

We recommend purchasing the armrest tops as a pair (left and right) for a more consistent experience, as the firmness of your current armrests may have changed over time.

Secretlab TITAN Evo
Secretlab Classics
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Please follow the instructions below to identify your chair model and the right chair part:

  1. Secretlab Soft PU-Coated Armrest Top (CloudSwap™ Technology) for Secretlab TITAN Evo
    If your chair:
    • Has two lumbar adjustment knobs AND
    • Has a magnetic head pillow AND
    If your armrest top:
    • When you pull on your armrest, does it detach magnetically?
    You own a Secretlab TITAN Evo. Please purchase the Secretlab Soft PU-Coated Armrest Top (CloudSwap™ Technology).

    If 'No' to the above, please read on for the next steps.
  2. Secretlab Classics
    Check the underside of your armrest, as shown in the image below.
    If your armrest:
    • Has a single screw hole in that specific location
    Please purchase the Secretlab PU Armrest Top. Learn how to replace your PU armrest tops here.
    If your armrest:
    • Does not have any screw holes in the location shown above, OR
    • Has 4 screw holes at each corner
    Your armrest top is not user-replaceable. Please do not purchase any of the armrest tops and contact our support team for assistance instead.