An ode to one of the most popular manga in the world. Secretlab and Funimation present the multi-award winning Secretlab TITAN Evo 2022, designed with honor and fidelity to celebrate the final arc of the series’ anime adaptation. The official seat brings to life the iconic design of the Scout Regiment uniform — delighting fans who’ve been immersed in humanity’s fight for survival against Titans.

Watch the Attack on Titan animation series on Funimation here.

Every Secretlab Attack on Titan Edition chair comes with a pack of Secretlab Leather Wipes Attack on Titan Edition. Specially formulated to keep chairs upholstered in Secretlab NEO™ Hybrid Leatherette and MAGPAD™ Desk Mats in pristine condition. Captain Levi would only be so proud.

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Secretlab TITAN Evo 2022 Series - Attack on Titan Edition Gaming Chairs

TITAN Evo 2022 시리즈

Attack on Titan 에디션
Secretlab NEO™ 하이브리드 인조 가죽
S 사이즈, R 사이즈 그리고 XL 사이즈 사용 가능
마그네틱 메모리폼 헤드 필로우 4-방향 L-ADAPT™ 요추 지지 시스템 CloudSwap™ 교체 시스템이 포함된 풀 메탈 4D 암레스트 전용 페블 시트 베이스
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